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POSTER OF THE MONTH - January 2022

vintage entertainment poster Gravures 1937
Marie Laurencin
19 3/8" x 12 3/4"
A, L
The artist of our Poster of the Month, namely, Marie Laurencin, began her art work as a painter of porcelain. Though she moved on to a versatile and daunting career, the low-key, pastel practice seen here, more or less defined her efforts. Skirting big-hitters, like Picasso and other Cubists, she would stick to her guns as an avatar of a quietly fertile, chromatic mood.
The vintage poster we are so happy to have and share with you, involves a series of etchings she was selling in 1937, in Paris. By way of a great tour de force, the lithographic promotion here, both presents and conceals the products. Three women, seen to be concerned with a sort of seance, happy to be exclusively part of a female circle, appear to be aesthetes only secondarily. But on the other hand, the text of the vintage poster declares, "most accessible," "most varied," opening our eyes to figures of painted sheets and v-form display-racks, inherent in the dresses and the curtains.
Surely one of the most subtle selling points in vintage poster history, Laurencin dares to pose an initiation for those approaching her breathtaking gems.

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Click here to inquire about this poster.