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POSTER OF THE MONTH - November 2021

vintage French entertainment poster Deso Radio 1949
Pierre Monnerat
50 ¼” x 35 ½”
A-, P

This vintage poster is so much more than a cliché for the fiftieth anniversary of a radio manufacturer. It is, in fact, over and above its seizing the moment to roll out a most handsome lithographic advertisement, a fascinating close-up of that mysterious land from which the business and the poster emanate, namely, Switzerland.
Say what you might about the Swiss, they could never be accused of being sensualists. What with their day-and-a-half shut down of weekends for religious observances and $30 mediocre hamburgers, a degree of constraint is clearly de rigueur. So here we have a potential conduit of fun pressed into the perspective of the ancient guild of Meistersingers (drawing attention to the firm's longevity and strict craftsmanship). An accordingly constrained song bird expresses not a musical composition but the firm's name. The cloud effects perhaps suggest a special song from heaven itself.
Miraculously, with all those strikes against it, the rendering of the creature is most charming, and the whole chromatic piece is a dazzler! We are reminded by this burst of sunlight that exponents of fabulously warm graphic art--like Donald Brun and Martin Peikart--thrived in that atmosphere!

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