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POSTER OF THE MONTH - October 2021

vintage French art nouveau poster Pacha Noir 1890s
Jules-Alexandre Grun
48" X 34"
B+, L

We can remember the beginning of Halloween festivities in France, in the 1990s. Bemused, no doubt, but also charmed, we'd see an unexpected premium upon seriality--multiple Halloween nights and groups wearing exactly the same costumes!.
Our poster, predating Halloween-France by a century, pushes all those buttons, giving us tons of Gallic sweetness. The artist, Jules-Alexandre Grun, was a bellwether of inducing, by way of lithographic posters, the denizens of Paris to find their intrinsic wildness and joyousness jacked up to an unprecedented level. Here, from his bailiwick of Montmartre, he offers to us a great local music hall by showing one of the beautiful women and many of the stray cats to be found there. The motif of unbridled sensuality is sustained by the notion of hitherto remote exotica in the term "Pacha," the glorious modelling of the woman and the wit of the composition with its party animals. The composition includes space for an up-to-the moment roster of performers and their offerings. The ensemble also anticipates Halloween in its evocation of creatures on a dangerous wild side of town!
An amazing and beautifully rendered lithographic poster! Closeup images on request.

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