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vintage French entertainment poster Du Bal Musette au Dancing 1925
Armand Vallée
12 3/4" x 20 1/2"
A-,L; La Vie Parisienne

Over a century ago, in the City of Paris, all the takeoff of madcap was in the air--Parisian dance of the Jazz Age. It especially situated in the most urban and urgent area. Our 1925 offset lithographic sweetheart of a vintage poster here, most skillfully presents highlights of the powers-that-be at that special moment, a compendium of metamorphosis seen and lost.
Vallée's dance hot spots in Paris include: À Montparnasse, Au Cours de Danse, À Montmartre , Aux Gobelins, Sur la Butte, and Aux Champs-Elysées. First of all, there is, at top-center, Au Cours de Dance, for "beginners of couth." The teacher being the picture of grace, maintaining an utmost of impressiveness. The two larger clubs, at top corners, À Montparnasse and À Montmartre, would be the precincts where loyalty never fails to miss an evening. Here dance and attitude have become central to their well-being. The crimson hall in the center,Sur la Butte, would be reserved for tourists. And in the shadows of two lower caves---like an underworld---there are two distinct (most prominent ) dangerous and fascinating societies. To the left, Aux Gobelins, there is the faction of those being a hideaway. At the right cave, Aux Champs-Elysées, the decor is very fine. The wine and cuisine are what they have always "enjoyed." But they would be of the cluster who could see that their future could be reflective, at home. And they can't drop being "real Parisians."

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