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POSTER OF THE MONTH - January 2019

original vintage Boccasile graphic Crociere Estate 1935
Gino Boccasile
11" x 8 1/4"
An object lesson on the truth that not all great graphic art comes in standard poster format, our heart-of-winter summer dream, by the amazing, Gino Boccasile, stops you in your tracks, if you have a heart for graphic design!
Like a great cinematographer, with an eye to Surrealism, our visual guide positions the traveler somewhere strange. Her disposition, therefore, of worshiping the sun, becomes as much a question of which sun, than catching some rays. I love how this lowly and towering travel brochure deploys the fold-up structure to show two species of seagulls--one we well know, and another kind you won't see on planet Earth.
This being a thirties transaction in the Mediterranean, the seduction of African and Middle-Eastern places, like Egypt, Tunisia, Lebanon and Algeria, includes trolling for what might soon be Italy's. Therefore, the siren call vignette carries an extra pop.
We can't leave this haunt of exotic seduction, without marvelling at, over and above the supernal composition and modelling, the color display. You can't surpass something like this.

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POSTER OF THE MONTH - February 2019

vintage French sports poster Favor 1936
61 1/2" x 46"
The world of sports is far deeper than we often think. When, for instance, the vintage poster for Favor cycles--our Poster of the Month--flashes the tag-line, "going to the end," it includes a sense of "end" more nuanced than any rocket scientist.
The three versions of bikes have been distributed in a schematic way, to draw attention to the remarkable nature of the action. The schema of the road is an arrow which actually comprises a lightning bolt, a dynamic highlight touching nature itself. The pragmatic bull's eye covers the common aspect of driving; the golden field of the motion and the surround speaks to something far beyond the pragmatic. A color schema also deals with an open road to mystery. The slowest vehicle, bearing down upon an everyday target, still finds itself obliged to accommodate the golden treasure which this apparently machine-saturated convoy thrives on. The light power-bike signals its affinities to extremity by the blue darkness of its surface. The red-hot, full-scale force, taking precedence over the others, implies wild joy; and also wild danger! Rounding out this play of primordial symbolism, the firm's name, "Favor," implies being much in favor, This would be more a hope than a sure thing.

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vintage French travel poster Air France New York-Mexico Direct 1952
S. Prout
39 ¼” x 24 ½”
A-, P
Usually, a travel destination, featured in a vintage poster, confines itself to one territory. The instance, comprising our Poster of the the Month, however, chooses to reveal direct flights, by Air France, concerning two venues vastly disparate. Our image here is all about the ancient monuments of Mexico. As we proceed to appreciate the very attractive optics here, we'll try to make some sense of the New York aspect.
Our modernist disclosure of sun-baked mysteries begins to intrigue us, for its eschewing the usual once-over-lightly transaction of rather spoiled and bored sight-seers. Here the artist has included a factor of near art deco detail to cater to a clientele actually intent on learning something. The guide, entering from left to right, doubles as a security agent ensuring that the wild possibilities are under control. Then, it's off to the pyramidal tomb and the cliff-face sculptures. These marvels of the past are juxtaposed by the lovely plane making it all happen.
As to New York, perhaps the point was a modern kingdom contrasting to what remains in the Mexican desert.

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