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POSTER OF THE MONTH - January 2017

original vintage French poster Cognac Monnet 1927
Leonetto Cappiello
78 1/8" X 50 1/4"
A-, L
There are many strategies for coping with January, the dead of winter. Our Poster of the Month for January comes to us from that avatar of graphic-art dash and delicacy, Leonetto Cappiello, who never lost track of a world where joys prevail.
Here the watchword, for selling the treasures of cognac, runs, "... sun in a glass..." What could be more germane for countering nature's portion of darkness and freezing? Well, in fact, we could soldier on with bringing about the plus side of a harsh dispensation. But here we have, in addition to a tantalizing spirit, the still-new modern discovery that the commerce of mood-alteration is far more significant as an unlocking of a bounty of inventions by way of the grace of nature the story of which has only just begun!
The spunky, far from precious sprite, wields a whack of good cheer going to her vision with the heft of a space ship. This far from mundane delivery is all about a future which is ours to realize in its riveting beauty. In addition to the brilliant color lithography, the very large format accentuates the core values here. What better way to toast a New Year!

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POSTER OF THE MONTH - February 2017

Vintage art deco poster Fourrures Canton c.1930
Charles Loupot
50" X 36"
The adage, "Clothes Make the Man" [or Woman] takes on a new lease with this magnificent lithograph by Charles Loupot (1892-1960), one of the major colorists of vintage lithographic poster history. Here the figure, looking like a carriage-trade snow-lady, has come to a halt in her ermine fabulousness, with snow all around. The overall compositional and chromatic design is flawless. Are we, however, to leave that presence as if it were sheer materiality; or do we proceed to that haunting face?
Over and above the cold, she is, it seems, in the midst of an awakening to the rigors of which way to proceed. I don't mean where to travel that day; but how to travel at all! We could cut this off with regarding her as merely spoiled. (Like Proust putting his foot down about Albertine's expecting a Roll Royce and a yacht.) But I'd like to think that what makes this eye-opener so special is its driving the promotion into the really stormy weather of modern intent and its excruciating promise of wild poise.

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Voriginal vintage Donald Brun poster Persil 1947
Donald Brun
50" X 36"
The Swiss graphic art master, Donald Brun, amazes us on two levels in this self-assured vintage poster promotion for the laundry soap, Persil. First there is the color choice and the hues of coloration. It is rare for a work on paper to command such a preoccupation with sheer magic of colors and their placement. The rust background and the scarlet apron are far from a common juxtaposition; but who could not be mesmerised by the way they work here? The matching dark cherry of the hair of the subject and her doll comprises a second field of contemplation. And then there is the playful red horizontals of the socks! All this chromatic drama culminates in the whiteness of the whites, the piece de resistance of the manufacturer's craft.
The second absorbing feature of this (and many other lithos from Brun) is the remarkably rich angle of a range of maturity in the central figure of the pleasing domestic scene. Little girls may love to play house. But do they wear accentuating eyelashes? This exuberant motif seems to hearken to a woman's childhood as picture-perfect (like the washing results). The suggestion would be that the product endows the surfaces with a vivacity for all ages.

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vintage entertainment poster Nomads of the North c1920
41" X 28"
A-, L
Effective movie posters fire out to us the heart of their narrative. In some cases there is not much to show beyond a famous star looking fabulous, which is all many viewers want anyway.
But a significant vintage movie poster like today's Poster of the Month has designs upon a narrative revelation where you can actually come away from the production with something you hadn't considered. The silent vehicle, Nomads of the North, has been crafted with a view to a mass audience not familiar with screenplays and their kinetic priorities, but actually accustomed to dreaming up their own optics from out of literary entertainments. As such, it expertly adopts early twentieth century book-illustration style to rise to melodrama which satisfies the explorer of a new frontier of imaginative experience still largely cleaving to the decorum of the past.
The unknown artist climbing that objective has produced a "shocker" of a moment of disarray and amazing solicitude. What has led to this desperate and elegant moment? We're drawn to find out. But, moreover, we're drawn to how the protagonist succeeds in the bewildering mood of World War distemper!
Background Details:
Synopsis of the movie(and the article does not even have the image of this poster--it is so rare)
Author's Biography
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original vintage Canadian travel poster Canada Vacations Unlimited c.1955
G. W. Goss
24” x 18”
What a splendid and inventive graphic design we have here, by a portrait painter! The family in the foreground does gain from idioms of the time in apparel and hair styling. And the grouping benefits from portraiture strategies of old, still solidly entrenched. But I think the remarkable feature here has to do with the overall presence, coinciding with the theme, "Vacations Unlimited."
The family has already arrived at a lake and verdant shoreline, which could easily be enough for a summer vacation. But they see beyond the pristine amenities, toward a full range of recreational facilities of the resort, attractions like golf and horseback riding.
Moreover, that cloud of opportunities suggests that all of Canada is a fascinating treat. (The cloud sort of approximates the geography of Canada.) By the mid-1950's car travel was very widespread and those vignettes, with the prominently placed sedan, suggests that Canada's rustic enjoyments cannot be exhausted in a lifetime.
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