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original vintage Italian poster Radiomelodie c.1940
Gino Boccasile
12" x 9 1/4"

These days, pop music exponents very often count as a perk the tragedies of their lives. They often function as "survivors" of their own and others' pathology, to fill out what might be only ordinary musicianship.
Our Poster of the Month comes from an era long before making a mess of one's life could be a great attraction. What looks at first glance as being two-thirds of the Andrews Sisters is in fact a vignette of a vintage Italian radio entertainment poster during World War II. Are the girls up there to profit from the situation of loved-ones caught up in the war? Or does the regular schedule of those non-combatants in the band allow the populace to deliver an amateur special message to, in this case, two guys at the dangerous front?
The artist here, Gino Boccasile (1901-1952), has become a controversial figure in the vintage graphic world, for his fascist leanings. But there is no denying that he was one of the very best deco and modernist posterists ever seen. (His being blind in one eye would never result in a crutch.)
On another note, this presentation offers a glimpse of the love in Italy, from way back, for American jazz.

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