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vintage French movie poster Quartier Latin 1939
Roger Rojac
62 1/8" x 46 1/4"
A-, L

Let's forget about the goofy, black and white melodrama pertaining to those central characters in this dazzling vintage lithographic movie poster we have on tap as today's Poster of the Month! The graphic treasure, the locale and the date (1939), are all we need!
That venerable and endlessly important structure in the background is the Paris version of the Pantheon, an edifice for the sake of paying homage to invention in art and science, and the place where a number of august figures have been buried. Juxtaposed in front is a very lively scene. The area in central Paris being shown was, at the time of the poster's appearance, the main centre of university and bohemian life.
This ebullient scene has endowed to us the specifics of reflective expression on the eve of World War II. Everyone in sight is touched by the spirit of innovation in its various forms, pushing along a concomitant of chic. Thereby the positioning of the figures offers to us a pantheon in itself of up-to-the-minute Paris magic and depth. Self-confidence and joie de vivre is everywhere! The Latin, old-timey scholarship, of the district is seen here getting a bemusing face-lift. And, in a matter of months, the pride would have turned to fear and death.
What a dazzling design tracing ranges of headway (however deluded, in part) that perpetually find ways to regroup!

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