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original vintage art deco transportation poster NYK Around the World 1934
George Hemming
30" x 20 1/2"
B+, L

Art Deco graphic design could be defined as a stairway to the infinite. Its craft, in terms of subtle composition, restrained coloration and arresting texture, emits that area of experience we know we don't visit often enough.
Here the Japanese shipping line, NYK, touches first and foremost with its component of mystery, while signalling in its text the more mundane fact that it covers the seas, "eastward or westward." The design smartly leaves those who settle for such literalness, because it has that ace in the hole of the optics.
There is barely any recognition of the real H2O, and even quite scant coverage of the sky. Here the structure, seemingly soaring and spreading forever, luxuriates in its uncanniness. The deck which is shown, could be part of an extraterrestrial invention. Its ivory color towering rests upon a seemingly endless night where another dimension of vivacity resides. The chimney, and its satiny emissions, also suggesting endlessness, links by way of the red-deco de rigueur, to the company's logo---a clever interaction between the nuts and bolts and the champagne.

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