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POSTER OF THE MONTH - September 2020

vintage Italian travel poster Milano 1956
Marcello Nizzoli
39 ¼ “ x 24 ¼”
B+, L

The city of Milano is one of a kind. Its history is rife with invasions from many countries, but despite the interference there was always in play a vigorous sense of well-being and invention.
The Cathedral, beginning to emerge in the late 14th century, managed to become one of the greatest, evocative Gothic structures in the world. Perhaps not so coincidentally, the city has developed as one of the towering design powers, along with Paris.
Our lithographic Poster of the Month for September seems to place a premium upon those long ago roots, ignoring the present. While the impact is muscular (even primeval), there definitely has been far less coverage of the legacy of great architects and industrial designers of the Lombardy domain. However, while stressing the bedrock, there is a playful, offbeat dimension which peeks out to us as full-scale, Milano invention.

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