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vintage Spanish poster Uralita c1929
J. Mir Virgili
39" x 27"
A, L

There's a big and beautiful world out there, to appreciate and to, perhaps, acquire imagery pertaining to that thrill, in order to bring it forward at will. Whereas the peoples' choice would be overtly upbeat phenomena, there are those who prefer not so much easy beauty but beauty of austere forms, colors and textures tending to abstract interest, which is to say, depths of excitement for those who would touch infrastructures of the world.
Our Poster of the Month, first of all, promotes that pipe and tile which seldom become a focus; and yet stand as indispensable. But the action of the graphic art here is the surprise in store of its magnetism of elements. This work is redolent of great twentieth century Spanish painters, like Picasso, Miro and Gris, very adept with earthy surprises.

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