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vintage french food and beverage poster Vins de France 1937
A. Galland
63" x 46 1/4"
A-, L

What could be more simple than this dazzling lithographic promotion for the wines of France? A classic, Gallic farm-girl comes to light with one arm holding samples of the grape harvest of the year, and the other lifting a carafe of the newest vintage.
But the complication comes in, with that mantra, "Health, Joy, Hope." The date is 1937 and, with the world-wide economic Depression and the Nazis stalking, joy is a tall order. And yet, there is the gift of fine, French wine looming so tall in the design---in fact, the fruit looking like a fortress, behind which to cherish something magical.
Vintage poster art hitting a bull's-eye, to calm a troubled land.

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