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vintage Canadian politics and war poster Don't Buy It c.1942
24 1/2" x 18 1/4"

These covid-19 days, when we're rather crushed with health and safety demands, it may be useful to note that another era had its share of unwelcome duties. During World War II, one of the tasks for the homeland was being very critical about spending money. All but the bare necessities were to be allowed, while the lion's share had to go to the war effort. A "White Elephant," denoting a frivolous spur of the moment purchase, that likely would be trashed in a few days, would have seemed a major crime in that climate, not only poor judgement but also questionable patriotism. The image portrays the troublemakers as tiny, far less than adults.
Whereas the scorned upon in that case had little cogency because its crisis provided a rich, absorbing drama (only someone with very cheap priorities failing to thrill and care about the event), during the pandemic time, we are left with a current of action seriously frozen, an exigency to pretty much do nothing but keep away from other people and contemplate the spectacle of almost total collapse. While the scientific and political pundits are at their zenith, we others experience an invasion far from a normal war.

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