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vintage British travel poster Golden Arrow c. 1950
Alan Durman
40” x 25”

We know of lots of people who travel to places, like New York and Paris, primarily to shop for clothes. We have traveled extensively to shop for vintage posters and graphics.
There was in the post-War era a British train service (remarkably luxurious) called the Golden Arrow, which linked London with Dover and, after the hop across the Channel, carried the lucky shoppers to Paris in a French facsimile, called, Fleche d'Or. Our smashing graphic statement here is masterfully redolent of that premium upon the very best. The color scheme is as neat and rich as those pink bow ties. The pretty shopper, on the way home with beautifully packaged treasures, is a bit becalmed after a hectic day or two but suffused with the magic of riding the wave of modern invention.The power and grace implied by the imagery also seems to promise leaving behind a muddy past for the sake of a future in the pink. Notice, the figure's rather Victorian travel garb. (She left from Victoria Station.) How does it all add up? That we're drawn to that question, demonstrates an especially haunting piece of graphic art!

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