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vintage entertainment poster Nomads of the North c1920
41" X 28"
A-, L

Effective movie posters fire out to us the heart of their narrative. In some cases there is not much to show beyond a famous star looking fabulous, which is all many viewers want anyway.
But a significant vintage movie poster like today's Poster of the Month has designs upon a narrative revelation where you can actually come away from the production with something you hadn't considered. The silent vehicle, Nomads of the North, has been crafted with a view to a mass audience not familiar with screenplays and their kinetic priorities, but actually accustomed to dreaming up their own optics from out of literary entertainments. As such, it expertly adopts early twentieth century book-illustration style to rise to melodrama which satisfies the explorer of a new frontier of imaginative experience still largely cleaving to the decorum of the past.
The unknown artist climbing that objective has produced a "shocker" of a moment of disarray and amazing solicitude. What has led to this desperate and elegant moment? We're drawn to find out. But, moreover, we're drawn to how the protagonist succeeds in the bewildering mood of World War distemper!
Background Details:
Synopsis of the movie(and the article does not even have the image of this poster--it is so rare)
Author's Biography

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