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POSTER OF THE MONTH - January 2021

Vintage French auto poster Bonhomme Antar 1930
31 1/2"x24 1/2"

I particularly like this French vintage poster, from 1930, for its attention to acting upon both the mundane and the magical. Antifreeze could be a subject that few want to hear about. Yes, persevering in bad weather does touch many. The jaunty vehicle being seen, right as rain, in the distance, shows being small because it tends to be seen as a small and petty subject.
However, instead of flogging a strictly nuts and bolts moment, our deft graphic artist here knows very well how to get things really moving. The road is not only pretty nasty, but pretty gorgeous. The apparition of those motions has provided a glimpse of not only the remote but also the universal. Our little uncanny figure has been mindful that the poetry of life is not a frill. Getting somewhere well, has a topspin which few, unfortunately, choose to notice.
The whole deal here comes with more than scientific know-how. The tableau uses its small, intense area of color, only to become submerged with a grey-white void (including striking compositional touches) beyond creature comforts. It reminds (the alert) that something far more daunting looms in the picture, and only in its range does the "grands froids" (the big chill) "depart" without disaster.

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