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 original vintage airline transportation poster Fly BEA Within Europe for Holidays c.1955
40” x 25”
A-, P

In an air travel marketing medium, from about the year 1955, where one destination tends to be quite enough, we've come across a quite singular angle. Europe, having already been seen to be fairly compact even before the advent of airplanes, seems, to the folks at British European Airways, to have been ideal for a Grand Tour facilitated by their marvellous machines.
We don't receive, in their vintage poster, covering the phenomenon, a hallowed, iconic dazzlement by which to while away a week or two, but a flurry of rather perfunctory suitcase decals shooting along in a bit of a mish-mash. The composition evokes a sort of bucket list for those perfectly happy with less than the earth-shattering. As such, we have to congratulate the brain-and-design trust of British European Airways for being more than half a century ahead of millennial travel ventures where the first night had become an objective less than 24 hours.
As to the graphic itself, the throw-away optics capture the priorities of the post-War premium on easy-does-it. Such candid production could be described as conceptual graphic art, daring to dispense with the fireworks of Golden Age vintage poster art.

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