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original vintage Italian travel poster Trentino Dolomiti 1951
Mario Puppo
39" x 26 1/2"

Whether overt or hidden, we live within forces which exert directions. Such magnetism might imply that we're the playthings of crude dynamics, wheeling into a void. On the other hand, we know that something far more attractive embraces our days.
Our Poster of the Month for April, that thrust of spring, provides a wherewithal to recognize that the tempering of physics and its mathematics is no mean force. In fact, it is one's own intentions which can exert as much frappe in the scheme of things. The magnet, in our image here, has been intercepted by a higher power, the power of finite sensibility (which the world of science imagines to be in full control).
It's the land of Italy and its care of the personal. The modest--even tiny--event is not a place to show off crude, expensive dynamics, but instead vignettes of simple joy, to be there at that moment. However, we are in the hands of, arguably, the greatest of modernist Italian posterists, namely, Mario Puppo (1913-1989). His seemingly casual scattering of lovely verdancy, plays, ironically, against the hard and sterile mountain range.

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