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vintage French  poster Appel des Nations Unies 1948
Michel Hove
46" X 31"
A, P

Plagues of various kinds have wreaked havoc through the years. In the medieval era, whole settlements became graveyards. In more recent times, however, those experiencing such upheavals have joined together to ensure that, when poison took over, it was met with resistance.
Our Poster of the Month for April (when this April finds itself between a rock and a hard place) brings to that flow of crisis an instinct to join with others in order to avoid total destruction. In the aftermath of World War II, many were left without sufficient food. Particularly, there was a large number of children having lost parents during the war, and facing starvation. The vignette here entails a waif, a swatch of wheat and a dove with a string covering the flags of the recently-developed United Nations, which helped to relieve the rate of starvation. The dove's function was to attend to, however, as far as possible, the horrors of war. And the artist, Michel Hove, has impressively mustered a tone of elegant and natural equilibrium, in a cold, dark world.

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