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POSTER OF THE MONTH - October 2020

Vintage Spanish travel poster Spanish Fiesta c. 1940s
44" x 33 1/2"
A-, P

In the 1940's, Spain was a bit of an enigma. It had just come through a bloody civil war. And it managed to stay out of World War II.
The institution of fiestas, however, had been a center of wild energy and joy for many centuries, and we can imagine such pomp and circumstance being at its acme there. This is, however, one of the only fiesta vintage lithographic posters I've ever seen without a crucifix. What's up?
What's up is a remarkably secular event, perhaps the anonymous artist's hope for a future of creature comforts, after too much excitement. In place of the usual wild ride, we have a group more being a health resort. Beyond cool, this gathering has its own idyll where beauties of design celebrate the serene.

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