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POSTER OF THE MONTH - November 2020

original vintage French airline poster Air France Europe 1951
E. Maurus
39” x 24 ¼”
A-, P

In 1951 (the date of our vintage lithographic poster here), Europe had just begun to recover to the point of full-scale pleasure travel by plane. Although we see a plethora of vignettes representing the destinations, let's start with that dazzling airplane, the Super Constellation, arguably the most graceful airline ever built, in the service of Air France. As its silvery and refined features plie the night sky, we recognize that the constellation of the air dovetails with the constellation of European countries.
As a spine of our graphic, we have a large gold brown-colored structure of a Greek ruin, also seen in the mustard tan-colored figure at right bottom. Proceeding counter clockwise, there is Russia, Switzerland, Scandinavia, Britain, Spain and Italy. And with the host country showing its Arc de Triomphe, in its magical design, along with the breathtaking plane.
Constellations of beauty and hope.

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